packing list

A well-packed backpack is very important for a successful blockade.  For you to not forget anything important, we have compiled a list of what to bring 🙂

For the camp:

  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • mat
  • money for the camp and the (wonderful and vegan) food
  • maybe: insect protection (up til now there are no moscitos though; yet that might change with the puddles)
  • radios: for the translations on the camp we need radio stuff. So please bring stuff that can work as radio (smartphones with radio function, radios themselves) – dont forget the earplugs!
  • if possible: a bike (with a lock)
  • lamp / light

For the action:

  • action backpack (robust)
  • warm (!) and robust clothes and shoes
  • weather protection (for sun as well as rain)
  • food and drink for 24 hours (bottles for 3 liters should be considered normal)
  • if you can: a rescue blanket
  • your I.D. card
  • pen and paper for relevant action-related stuff
  • card games, books, sturdy instruments, juggling balls: whatever you’d like to do on a blockade lasting many hours!
  • some red clothes or a red acessoire: let’s draw a red line together with our blockade, showing RWE that their actions are dangerously crossing vital red lines
  • if you can: simple, uni-colored flags (without printings on them) including their poles (not too thick!) to show the colorfulness of our action in the air as well
  • any medicine which you might need

What not to bring:

  • jewelry
  • make-up and oil-based cremes
  • calendar, address book, stuff you don’t need
  • pocket knives (or anything else the police might somehow classify as weapon)