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Order leaflets and stickers!

We can only oppose the powerful carbon lobby if – and only if – there will be many of us. Help to spread the word and order mobilization material (leaflets and stickers) or print posters yourself (see below)! Whether in your favourite shops, at your front door or at a festival: make Kohle erSetzen known, so we are able to set a strong sign for coal exit! Unfortunately, the mobilisation material is available in German mostly.

☞Given the case you just want to order mobilisation material of Kohle erSetzen! (e.g. if you already have got stuff from Ende Gelände or the Climate Camp), use the following form (or encrypted Mail to: info@kohle-ersetzen.de – PGP key here):

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We try to send you the material as soon as possible, which in some cases can last a few days.

We would be very glad for a donation for material, postage and all kinds of other stuff!

You want to order material from Ende Gelände as well? Then please order both together directly from Ende Gelände. In that case, please specify in addition to their material and your address, how many flyers and stickers from Kohle erSetzen you want to order.

We prefer to send the material jointly when possible and would (just like Ende Gelände) be pleased to receive donations for the material and postage!