Call for Action 2017

We have got a problem – a huge one.

International political speeches are still highlighting the role of Germany as pioneer dealing with climate change. But reality looks different: the worldwide euphoria through the climate agreement of Paris ended up in a complete lack of political action in Germany. The big coal companies in Germany settle back on their entirely expensed power plants and overcapacitys of their generation systems. They specifically thwart the urgently necessary step of a comprehensive energy system transformation and are therefore driving us into a catastrophic climate change. Such it happened that the german greenhouse gas emissions have slightly risen again in 2016 instead of finally being drastically reduced!

One of the most important reasons for this inconceivability is Germany’s most intensive climate killer, the conversion of lignite into electricity. The Rhenish brown coal field nearby Cologne is Europe’s biggest CO2 pollutant.

But climate change is not the only dramatic consequence of coal mining. There are still several thousand people who are supposed to leave their homes behind for further open pit mines – until 2052! On top of that, particulate matter, nitrogen oxide and mercury emissions are harming our health all over the country and beyond.

We do not longer accept that – we as civil society have to increase the pressure for a consistent coal exit! We share the opinion that especially before the national parliamentary elections in September it needs diverse actions to turn the tide. Studies and demonstrations are forming the basis. But the time has come to increase the level of protest with actions of civil disobedience gathering hundreds and thousands of participants!

Take part when we will sit down on the access roads to one of the power plants and shut them tight for all the vehicles going through. Together we will disrupt the smooth operation of the coal industry and show the German energy leviathan RWE with colorful determination: your irresponsible business is definitely crossing a Red Line! We will not go without a fuss but stay on those roads since we cannot ignore the already approaching catastrophic climate change and consider this action to be legitimate and utterly essential.

Kohle erSetzen! (rePlace coal!) is meant to be an action which endorses civil disobedience but does not exceed the legal framework of administrative offences. For all those, who for example are not experienced yet with actions of civil disobedience, who like it a little bit calmer or signed a cease-and-desist declaration of RWE and therefore can not step on RWE premises without fearing drastic consequences. For all those who want to state clearly that we do not longer accept the concious destruction of our enviroment through brown coal mining and power generation from fossil fuels!
The action shall be and stay open for everyone who wants to participate, to demonstrate with a large and diverse group: Coal has to be rePlaced! By renewable energy and a globally and inter-generationally just, transparent and effective climate policy.

To participate in the action be at the ClimateCamp on thursday evening, the 24th of August at 6 p.m. There will be action trainings and information events for us to start with good preparation into a successful action. For all who can manage to be there early, there is plenty of time on the Climate Camp from the 18th of June onwards for discussions, learning from each other and living utopias together.

During the action days from 24th to 29th of August there will follow several actions of all the different parts of the climate justice movement which will all demand the exit from coal. Besides a human chain many thousand people long (“RedLine”/”Rote Linie”) there will be the mass action of civil disobedience Ende Gelände taking place, which will effectively block the coal supply to the plants. A bike demonstration and unannounced actions of small affinity groups are also going to happen, complementing the concept of diverse actions. Therefore there are options for everyone to participate! Given the case you are not yet totally convinced to join RePlace Coal! you might want to check the action finder to find out, which action is best for you: #Link ActionFinder

Take part in the actions in the Rhineland and fight together with many others and non-violently for the desperately needed coal exit. Jointly we will shout out loud:
rePlace coal!

For further information go to our website:
and the website of the climate camp:

The action was initiated by JunepA, the youth network for political actions ( with support by the network ZUGABe (civil disobedience, non-violent actions, movement).